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1.It was the first meeting between the two sides at senior level.。
2.But the visitors equalized just after halftime through Pereira, who headed in his first goal of the season after a Diego Ribas set-piece.。
3.Garcia has so far failed to sign a new contract with Manchester City and with his current deal due to expire next June, the club must now decide whether to try and cash in on him in January or to see him move for free at the end of the season.。
4.The diminutive Coutinho then fired in a rare headed finish when he leaped higher than two Bolivia defenders after another Neymar cross from the left side of the penalty area.。
5.Zhang said that there were nine teams about 100 players altogether to compete for the championship against his team, "I really hope we can make it to the last minute. Fighting!"。
6.Xinjiang's Han Xu finished with a team-high 19 points. Liu and Wang each had 17.。


1."We've had a few difficult days and some players haven't been 100% but we're confident of a positive result," he said. "We have a clear way of playing and hopefully it will pay off."。
2.The team, led by manager Oscar Tabarez, held its third training session on Wednesday afternoon at the Uruguay Celeste Complex, with a full roster of 23 players.。
3.Yatai led from the start, and scored three more goals in the match's last ten minutes. After the win, Yatai topped the division and led Nantong by five points, which means the Changchun side has almost secured a berth in the promotion area with two rounds left.。
4.RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Brazil forward Neymar could still play in Brazil's opening 2022 World Cup qualifier against Bolivia on Friday despite a back problem that has left him unable to train, team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said on Thursday.。
5."It will be hard as it's our third game in just a few days, but we are prepared for that. Bit by bit we are getting into our best shape and I'm ready for whatever they need," he concluded. Enditem。
6."We are in a difficult situation and through a low ebb. We trained 20 days before the season kicked off, and many young players didn't partner with me. They said they were afraid of this."。


1.Israel scored in the 56th minute with an impressive shot by PSV Eindhoven's striker Eran Zahavi.。
2.The fourth seed has yet to play Swiatek on the Tour but encountered with each other on the same stage in the junior competitions four years ago.。
3.The number of critics calling for a change on the German bench is increasing.。
4.Firmino doubled the hosts' lead by sliding home from close range after being fed by Atletico Madrid left-back Renan Lodi.。
5.In the fourth round of the European nations' competition, Slovakia will host Israel on Wednesday and the group-leader Scotland will face the Czech Republic in a battle for the first place.。
6."I am not a doctor and cannot treat them, but maybe Tai Chi can help them improve rehabilitation."。


1、In last year's campaign, Loew's team only escaped relegation after the top group was extended.。
2、According to Bayer Leverkusen, Arias suffered a fractured fibula and tore multiple ankle ligaments.。
3、"Chile is a team that in recent years has been very consistent, it is a winning team, with big figures," said Godin who plays for Italian Club Cagliari.。
4、"My heart hurts more than my foot, but I'm calm and have faith that everything will be fine ... I promise you that I will work hard to return soon, stronger than ever, to wear the colors of Colombia and my club, Bayer Leverkusen," Arias added. Enditem。
5、"At the current stage, I put 70 percent in turning to a coach, with the remainder still playing on the court."。


To open a club is a milestone for Feng and its significance may be no less than a trophy. As a golfer born and raised in Guangzhou, Feng has always hoped to be an ambassador for golf in her hometown.!


  • 恐怖 10-20

    Spain are in a good position in their Nations League group after sneaking a late goal that gave them a 1-1 draw away to Germany in their opening game in September, and followed that up with a 4-0 demolition of Ukraine in which Ansu scored an excellent debut goal.

  • 些酥 10-19

    Caio Alexandre slotted in the visitors' second goal after Kanu's deft chip over Sport's defence left him face-to-face with Polli.

  • 又如 10-18

    The GFA further announced matches may be played during mornings, mid-afternoons, or evenings depending on kick-off times agreed with its television partner Star Times,a Chinese company.

  • 定感 10-17

    In games in the Chengdu division, Beijing Renhe scored three goals in first 15 minutes, beating Beijing BSU 3-2. Renhe climbed the rankings to second place. Chengdu Better City led the rankings with four more points than Renhe.

  • 容强 10-16

    After a lucky penalty-shootout victory over Ireland in the European qualifiers on Thursday, Slovakia had its hopes up for a possible first Group 2 triumph in the Nation's League fixture in Glasgow, but a weak performance of Pavel Hapal's squad left the home team unchallenged and Slovakia in the last place of the standings with only a single point earned.

  • 这个 10-15

    Now the duo share the record of 20 Grand Slam singles titles.

  • 众人 10-14

    Players and clubs have to deal with a growing number of games, leaving no space for recovery and developing training sessions.

  • 包裹 10-13

    He added, "Tokyo continues to be the best prepared Olympic city. The health and safety of all concerned remain our top priority."

  • 穿过 10-12

    Germany gave away its narrow lead in the dying seconds of the game as Kenan Karaman's last-gasp equalizer secured Turkey a draw on the road.

  • 了杀 10-11

    Israel will play its next game in Slovakia on Wednesday while the Czech Republic will play way to Scotland. Enditem

  • 都金 10-10

    In 2017, an Italian court sentenced Robinho to nine years in prison for participating in the 2013 gang rape of a woman in Milan. The punishment was put on hold pending the completion of the appeals process. Enditem

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